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Breast Plastic Plastic Surgery BudapestBreast Augmentation
The breast augmentation maybe the most frequent plastic surgery intervention, in the course of that implant is implanted, because of the volume of breast rises and the form of breast becomes finer.
Early in the ’60 implants of breast appear at first. In view of the filling of implant there are physiological with salt solution or rather filled with silicone gel. The form of the breast can be round or drop form.
In the course of operation of breast augmentation the implant can get into under the substance of gland and partly or completely under the muscle. In the course of the consultations the most favourable is chose for patient by the doctor and the patient.
Other hinge of the operation of breast augmentation is of course the implant choosing.
Choosing of the form and the size of the implant happens in the course of a completely consultation in view of demand of the patient.
Plastic surgical function and quality of material monitoring European committee

  1. In our days the silicone is an elemental material and ubiquitously in common life. At present there is no alternative opportunity, which is better than this. In total territory of plastic surgery and medicine the medical stores and implants, which are brewed from silicone, is necessary not only for the good life, but they are oft indispensable for the survival.
  2. The modern studies constantly demonstrate that the implant, which filled with silicone gel, cannot cause breast cancer or other malignant illness.
  3. There are such as concluded academic, clinical, immunological, epidemiological items that the implants, which filled with silicone gel, do not cause autoimmune or fibroma.
  4. There is not academic exhibit with regard to there is such as incident as allergy to silicone or other new silicone illness. In connection with every implant foreign body – reaction steps up, but it is not immune illness.
  5. The silicone implants do not affect adversely the pregnancy, the nursing and the health of nursed child.
  6. The sick with breast implant demand the regular control and the breast appropriate monitoring.
  7. The laboratory tests, which detect silicone, have not got clinic value. Anti-silicone antibody has not been detected yet.
  8. According to EQUAM the special EU prescriptions, which apply to implants, are necessary. The EQUAM exhorts the arrangement of European states on this territory.
  9. The EQUAM urges the continuous clinic and ground exploration for development of technology.
  10. The objective media news bulletin serves reassurance of the sick. The EQUAM will secure the items for media.

Conditions: Before the surgery intervention it is necessary to award organization general state, that we reduce the risk of intervention. We do the operation in anaesthesia.
Operation period: 1-1, 5 hour
Staying in clinic: 1 night
Ability to work: after 7-10 days
Suture Picking: after 14 days
After the operation: Through 6 weeks the patient have to avoid every such as activity, which entails with intensive motion of shoulder and pectoral.
Risks: In effect of the operation operative territory bulge, bleeding, burner can appear, but number of this reduces, thanks to medicine development.