Degreasing Plastic Surgery Budapest HungaryIn accelerated world of our time the rolls of fat thicken on different land of our body next to regular sport and modern nutrition and we are not always pleased with this. The problem territories are most frequent stomach, brave, thigh.

Review of degreasing:
We can do the framing of body contour and removal of the unwanted lipotrophy with degreasing and we can change our body to more harmonious and aesthetic. It is important, that it is not suitable for the reduction of the bodyweight, so it does not replace the diet.
We do the intervention in anaesthesia, in course of that a little skin cut is inflicted and we fill the territory of operation with a special solution, then we allocate the canula under the skin and we can draw down the unwanted fat through this. In the course of the intervention the number of the fat-cell reduce, so on the treated territory the less fat is deposited in the case of obesity.The patient has to wear a pressure clothes during 4-5 weeks after the operation.

Information about the intervention
Conditions: Before the surgery intervention it is necessary to award organization general state, that we reduce the risk of intervention. We do the operation in anaesthesia.
Operation period: 1 hour
Staying in clinic: a night
Ability to work: after 7-10 days
Suture Picking: after 7days
Risks: In effect of the operation operative territory bulge, bleeding, burner can appear, although it is infrequent and treatable.