Ear Plastic

Ear Plastic Surgery HungaryMaybe the projecting ear is the most frequent disturbance of development. Although it is not grave, but it can cause a lot of problem in the age of kindergartner, as for example the banter. That’s why the operation, which was performed in childhood, can spare our child these problems. The first reason is the outer ear extreme enlargement, the ear by the parotid region overdone increases, the second is the ear lie low on the overhead part of the ear, or both.
We can correct it with Ear plastic intervention.
By encounter of skull and outer ear is excised in bay leaf form on the skill. After that from gristle of the outer ear is removed a part in Napoleon’s hat form, in this way we can lean back the projecting part. If it is necessary, we can work up from the line of anthelix absent arc the necessary swell, the gristle from front is leaned back with help of undercover cut on the skill.
Then we close the scarring with stitches, which are under the skill. During the operation the patient get local anaesthetic, which is painless. After ceasing of the effect of anaesthetic pain can appear, which can be stopped with painkiller. The patient has to wear a band for head and ears for a week. For next a week wearing headband is suggested during sleep.

Information about Ear plastic intervention
Conditions: Before the surgery intervention it is necessary to award organization general state, that we reduce the risk of intervention. We do the operation in anaesthesia
Operation period: 1 hour
Staying in clinic: 2 hours
Ability to work: 7 days
Suture Picking: 7 days
Risks: Operative territory bulge, bleeding, burner can appear, although it is infrequent and treatable (thanks to medicine development).
After Ear plastic feeling problems can befall for the sake of skin temporary pigmentation and injury of skin nerves.