Lip filling

Lip filling BudapestSuch as plastic intervention, which is easy and can be done during less a day, as the lip filling, nowadays it is very fashionable. This operation can have a number of reasons. If the decision was born, the last step would be the selection of way of dealing. Of course the professional help us in this question.
When the lip filling comes into question
It is unquestionable, that in the course of time wrinkles, which take place around the mouth, shamelessly peep about the age. Unfortunately, we have to admit that it will worsen the effect in case of beautifully made-up face, if the lipstick and the lip gloss run in all directions in these flaws. Who have not seen similar thing yet? There are some people, whom their thin lips disturb from their age of young adult and they aspire for feminine and full form. Considerable asymmetry of mouth can befall as abnormality of birth, which can be disturbing. But the plastic surgeries do this intervention for not only aesthetic reason. It is possible that somebody sets his look in this wise because of accident, which entails with face injury. Among others the lip filling solves these problems fast and simply.

The skin of mouth is a skin too
For every intervention involving skin everybody have to know some standard thing about the skin.
The skin is the tissue, which covers our body and changes thickness as regions.
Everywhere the 3 same stratums create.
The outmost stratum is the outer-skin (epidermis), which keratinizing cells create. These cells ensure the steadiness of skin with continuous scaling and reformation.
True skin takes place under the outmost stratum. This stratum is the most interesting in point of plastic, in this stratum collagen and elastic fibre can be found, which give flexibility of skin.
The lowest stratum of skin is the connective tissue under the skin, or alias hypodermis (subcutis).
The skin of lips is very thin, but it contains the three textural stratums, as the other regions.

In the course of lip filling used material, and effects
In the course of lip filling plastic surgery can apply various chemical substances. These substances can be divided 2 big groups according to durability of their effects: the either group, which brings long-term result and the other group, which brings short-term result.
For example, collagen can be used onto attainment of short-term effect. It is animal origin protein-product, that’s why the biggest side effect danger obtains here, the effect takes only 2-4 months, that’s why nowadays it is applied more infrequently.
Hyaluronacid lip filling is current and more and more popular. It is a sugar type compound, which can be found in our organism in the raw. The effect of such as intervention can reach 1,5 and 2 years.
The synthetic compound is used for the attainment of the durable result, or rather definitive result.
The ground of compound can be collagen or hyaluronacid here, too. Beforehand only silicone oil is used for lip filling and wrinkle filling, but with the artificially produced compound spreading and palette widening it is played down more and more.

Is the lip filling a good decision?
The long-term effect sounds pleasingly, but before somebody chooses, something is worth thinking over. In the course of years our face constantly changes in lower and higher degree. It can happen that in the course of time turned into lips full strikingly vary from the other part of the face, which cut an unpleasant dash. In this way we can get involved in renew and renew aesthetic range of operations, which is not serious that it brings the suitable result.
In the course of time the long-term effect ends, comes to stay. But then it can happen that the side-issue appears after only 7-8 years. It can be unmotivated tissue proliferation or burner too, in this case the got in material has to be removed, which is possible only in the way of operation, it runs with cut, so it leaves scab.
By products of shorter-term effect we have to count the opportunity that the intervention has to be repeated again.
The lip filling is mostly not painful, at longest it is a 20-30 minutes intervention, which nowadays somebody affords. The most important thing maybe that somebody does not overshoot the mark, whereat the most plastic surgeon warns us. Do not become laughable our outside, puffed lips are not made. In the course of the first lip filling products of shorter-term maybe tried deserving and we have to hear for the doctor in point of the material and amount.