Things you should know before a Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery BudapestPlastic surgery refers to a medical specialty concerned with the restoration and correction of a functional impairments or form. This could be caused by traumatic issues such as breaks and bone fractures, congenital abnormalities such as such as cleft lips or cleft palates and burns. It exists in two forms – cosmetic or aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually done in order to improve the body function, even though it may be done to approximate a normal appearance. Its procedures tend to correct defects on the body and face. This includes physical birth defects like ear deformities. They are also used to improve the aftermath of a treatment such as rebuilding the breast of a woman after having surgery for breast cancer.

On the other hand cosmetic surgery procedures tend to alter any part of the body that a person is not satisfied with. Common cosmetic issues include making the breast smaller (reduction mammoplasty) or larger (augmentation mammoplaty), nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), and also the removal of pockets of fat out of specific spots of the body (liposuction).

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Liposuction: this procedure involves the removal of fat using a tube which s inserted under the skin. This type of plastic surgery is commonly performed on a person’s abdomen, upper legs, upper arms and buttocks. The end result of this procedure is a slimmer or maybe a curvier appearance.

Breast Augmentation: this is one of the most common types of plastic surgery among the female folks. This procedure is used to either correct a symmetrical breast appearance or to enlarge the beast. With the use of saline or silicon implants, the breasts are enlarged surgically. Silicone implants are more common due the fact that they have a more pragmatic look and feel.

Tummy Tuck: this procedure is quite similar to liposuction but it’s a different procedure on its own. A tummy tuck involves removing fat or excess skin from around the waist region and then tightening of the muscle or skin of the abdomen. This is a common choice of plastic surgery for women after giving birth and also for both men and women after they have lost a great amount of weight.

Rhinoplasty: here the surgeon reshapes the nose, making it smaller or larger in order to create a more symmetrical appearance of it with the rest of the facial features. This same procedure is also used to improve breathing.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon for your Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryWhen it has to do with something as life altering as plastic surgery, it is very important to have the right medical professional to perform the task. There are so many plastic surgeons out there, but the question will be finding a competent one. There are so many ways that you can find them and so many things to consider as you search.
A good way to start the search is by asking family and friends. Also, if you know some one that has been in that condition and has had that type of plastic surgery before, you could ask him or her to recommend you to the doctor who did the work. Also ask how satisfying the surgery was. Another good source of information is the internet. Several sites contain lists of certified surgeons around your area with some patient commentary and reviews about each of them.

Is Plastic Surgery the Best Choice?

Not every body is an ideal candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery. The reason is that some patients are just not ready enough to handle the trauma that will be done by the procedure. This is why part of the work of a plastic surgeon is to determine whether their patients are really healthy and ready enough to make it through both mentally and physically.

First assess your health physically because plastic surgery has a lot of risks attached and only a person with sound health can withstand its complications and trauma. A person with poor health for example having high blood pressure may not be able to handle the stress involved.

As a plastic surgeon, it is important that you make sure your patients are in their right frame of mind. This is for some people there has been a period of regrets and depression after cosmetic surgery. Make sure that physical and mentally health are sound before considering a plastic surgery to be a right choice.

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