Rhinoplasty (Nose Plastic)

Rhinoplasty Nose Plastic Surgery BudapestThe nose takes place in the middle of the face outstandingly and it fills an important part in way of face character.
The Rhinoplasty can have all kinds of aim: diminution, augmentation, abbreviation, elongation, narrowing, widening, straightening, raising, or rather stopping of other bends and inequality.
In the course of consultation the patient can say, that would like to change. The patient can come to know the possible way of attainment of the wanted aim and round of this.

The main part of Rhinoplasty
The main part of Rhinoplasty gristly and bony frame is converted. Since we do the intervention in most of the case inside of the nose, in this way visible scab does not stay. Of course there are some such cases, when the outside cut is necessary, but these scarring heal fast and they are inconspicuous. In course of the intervention the functional result is important too, in this way if it is necessary, we can complete the handling with an operation, which revises the respiration through the nose.
During the nose plastic intervention the patient is narcotized, although the pain can be tolerated, but the bony correction is unpleasant and long.
After the operation we use narial tampons and outside plaster cast. The latter is removed after 10 days.

Information about Rhinoplasty intervention

Conditions: Before the surgery intervention it is necessary to award organization general state, that we reduce the risk of intervention. We do the operation in local anaesthesia.

Operation period: 1-2 hours
Staying in clinic: a day after the operation
Ability to work: after 14 days
After the operation: Wearing sunglasses is registered. Since after 7th day bloodshot, which takes place around the eye, becomes yellow, that’s why the make-up covers it satisfactorily.
Risks: After operation bulge and bleeding can appear around the eye, which disappear after 2 weeks. Since healing of the nose bone takes 5 weeks, that’s why the patient has to pay attention to his nose during sleep and sport. The definite result sets in after 6 month, after healing of bulge and bleeding.
Complications: The bleeding is a complication after immediately the operation. On the territory of the operative scab complication of general healing of scab, but the number of these is minimal.