Stomach Plastic

Stomach Plastic Surgery BudapestAesthetic changes of abdominal wall the most frequently are obesity, slimming after obesity and everlasting mutation, which worked out after the pregnancy. Pregnancy stripes oft stay behind after the pregnancy. The skin and lipotrophy, which evolved on stomach, can cause cutaneous diseases by total seated.
The aim of stomach plastic mutation is to stop and get right, which was evolved on the skin, abdominal wall and fatty. We inflict a surgical cut in 2 arched lines, which conjugate the 2 hip bones, under navel and above mount of Venus. The evolved scab, which takes place under the bikini line, is an undercover place in the groove. The loose skin and the fatty, which takes place under the skin, are removed. The navel is righted accordingly the primary place. In the end of the operation pressure bandage is dressed.

Conditions: Before the surgery intervention it is necessary to award organization general state, that we reduce the risk of intervention. We do the operation in anaesthesia.
Operation period: 2-3 hour
Staying in clinic: 1 night
Ability to work: after 10-14 days
Suture Picking: after 14 days
After the operation: Wearing the pressure bandage through 4-6 weeks is necessary.
Risks: Operative territory bulge, bleeding, burner can appear, although it is infrequent and handleable (thanks to medicine development).
After Stomach Plastic feeling problems can befall for the sake of skin temporary pigmentation and injury of skin nerves. In case of stomach plastic we have to mention plasma formation from complications.